Corrinne L.
I lost my mom suddenly in August. It has been really rough and jaded me a bit. Not exactly excited about the holidays this year =/ I've been busy keepin' up with my grades, on the President's list. (Someday it will be Dr Corrinne. Levanovich to y...
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    • Corrinne L.

      It is a GREAT thing that some people want kids (that means I don’t have to have any myself! I have dogs, wouldn’t change it for the world). BUT my point- don’t get knocked up on purpose (or through deliberate carelessness) when you’re too young. The statistics on that are mighty depressing. Having a child at 18 almost (almost) guarentees that you will live in poverty your entire life. Get some work experience, finish college/trade school if that’s way you’re doing, at least get started on something better than an entry level job… have a little money saved for emergencies…etc. *Intentionally* (not talking honest to goodness accidents) having a child at 18 or younger is incredibly selfish and reckless. The BEST thing you could do for yourself AND that child would be to wait a couple years. If you happen to be in a very wealthy family… well, I guess that doesn’t apply. But most of us are not in those circumstances.

    • Corrinne L.

      Animal abuse pisses me off so, so much. Oddly enough, the chihuahua I rescued from an extremely abusive home is the most timid of the three I have (one was rescued from a puppy mill, the third was the first one I got from a reputable breeder). The abused one was scared of everything for so long, and has never tried biting anyone. The pure bred one has bitten twice, both times thinking she was “protecting” me or my mom. Thankfully she didn’t break skin, and I was absolutely mortified. But yes, she is very protective- when it was with me, someone she didn’t know came up to me quickly to give me a hug, while I was holding her. With my mom, my aunt tried to slap a mosquito on my mom’s shoulder- all she saw was my mom getting hit, so that one I kinda get.

    • Corrinne L.

      I have three small dogs (as a dog lover, it’s a major bummer to come to an article about how sweet pits/other big dogs are, only to read everyone shitting on small dogs- mine wouldn’t hurt a soul) and finding an apartment with ANY dog it seems is a nightmare. *but* with the pit bulls and other breeds that are deemed dangerous (which is bullshit, I agree) it seems they aren’t allowed because of insurance companies. There are a lot of insurance companies out there that will void coverage if the landlord allows certain dog breeds to move in. So it seems like we really need to target the a-hole insurance companies. I thankfully found a landlord that’s not an idiot, and both my neighbors actually have pit mixes.

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