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Coronavirus Coverage

Coronavirus Coverage

From the latest news to binge-watching suggestions to tips for caring for your mental health, we've got everything you need to know about coronavirus to stay safe and make the most of your time spent at home.

The Cost Of Being Truman Capote

The Capote Tapes paints a compelling portrait of a queer writer grappling with his femme identity.

The Enduring Appeal Of The Selena Myth

Selena fans will love the new Netflix series’ focus on music and family, though it doesn’t complicate what we know about the star’s life.

Mel Gibson’s “Fatman” Is A Great Argument For Cancel Culture

Sure, some people will say Gibson’s latest movie suffers because the content sucks; others will say it’s because you can’t separate Gibson the man from Gibson the actor. I say: Why not both???? (Spoilers, if you care, which you should not.)