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77 Thoughts Everyone Has At The Beach

Relaxation is a beautiful beach. Find yours, because Corona wants to fill your summer with all things awesome.

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1. I forgot what waves sounded like.


3. Will my job let me work from here forever?

4. I'm definitely not tan enough.

5. These seagulls can smell my snacks.

6. I live here now. This chaise lounge is my home.

7. Sunblock is so difficult.

8. What spots did I miss? All of them?

9. How much SPF is too much?

10. I'm sure there's a white splotch on my face.

11. Whatever. My body is now impervious to the sun.

12. I should take up a surfing lesson.

13. Or maybe just date a surfer.

14. Is there Wi-Fi here?

15. Watching paddleball is strangely hypnotic.

16. I just took a nap?

17. I didn't realize how much I needed that nap.

18. Naps for president!!!

19. Sand. Down. My. Crack.

20. Seriously, everyone here is so tan.

21. I wish someone would turn me over so I didn't have to.

22. What is that tattoo of?

23. Where is my phone?

24. It's too far. I refuse to move. Vacation is about not moving.


26. Can I get delivery here?

27. That lifeguard is asleep. That's not good.

28. Metal detectors just make money on other people's lost stuff.

29. And I kinda wish I had one.

30. Has anyone ever found real treasure?

31. Someone should bury me in sand.

32. What if my body looked like that someday?

33. What if my body looked like that someday?

34. So glad adulthood doesn't have required summer reading.

35. Where are the Italian ices?

36. I can't be that person who goes to the beach but doesn't get in the water.

37. But it's going to be cold!!!

38. Someone said it was cold!!!

39. ...oh, it's not that cold.

40. I am a weak human.


42. Starfish look like they're waving.

43. I wish there were dolphins.

44. If I tried hard enough, I could become a dolphin trainer.

45. The moon affects the tide.

46. What if we had two moons?

47. The dark part of the ocean is full of TERRORS.

48. Was my sunscreen waterproof?

49. So many boats!

50. If I had a rich friend, we'd go on so many yacht trips.

51. I should try a cruise.

52. Parasailing is like being a human kite.


54. Nope, that's a sandwich bag.

55. I am huuuuuuuungry.

56. Swimming makes me a ravenous human.

57. Hot dogs for president!!!

58. ...those better not be storm clouds.

59. Sand is just dirt that's not that dirty.

60. I should have brought a different book.

61. Could I ever be a hat person?

62. Am I tan yet?

63. Where is my beer?!

64. Koozies are the best.

65. I should have a work koozie.


67. There's nothing happier than a dog at the beach.

68. Dog. Dog. Dog. Dog. Dog.

69. If you wear clothes on a nude beach, is it considered streaking?

70. Can phones melt?!

71. I know it's clichéd, but I'm taking one of those "feet on the beach" pics.

72. Clichés don't matter on vacation.

73. I am definitely burning.

74. The sunburn shall be my souvenir.

75. This book is so slowwwwww.

76. Sand has covered everything I own.

77. I'm never leaving.