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15 Things You'll Only See On The Boardwalk

Boardwalks are a special place where anything could happen. Grab a Corona, snap some pics, and see what happens this summer.

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1. The best hot dogs in the world!

Bob Jagendorf / Via Flickr: bobjagendorf

2. Too many hula-hoops to handle on your own!

leah_matthews / Via

3. The most important food groups!

Getty Images

4. Flavor Flav in his finest attire!

rob2thag / Via

5. Tiny cars!

onlyfilio / Via

6. Fire-breathing women!

Getty Images

7. Sand sculptures!

Jo Naylor / Via Flickr: pandora_6666

8. Friendships you'd never expect!

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9. People still rollerblade!

Bill Morrow / Via Flickr: 48804373@N07

10. Dogs in new, exotic colors!

Getty Images

11. Really sweet facial hair!

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12. Did we mention the food group thing?

sgiannotti / Via

13. Bird-Human hybrids!

itsjohnwalsh / Via

14. Ordinary cats!

cygnus921 / Via Flickr: cygnus921

15. And of course, twerking.

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