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11 Reasons Why Summer Is Better Than New Year's For Resolutions

There's still plenty of time left! Just because your previous resolutions didn't work out doesn't mean you have to give up, because Corona wants you to fill your summer with awesomeness.

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1. Summer = season where anything can happen.

2. Find some love by putting yourself out there.

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3. Run your face off! This weather is bonkers beautiful.

4. And the gyms that were so crowded in January aren't mobbed with people anymore.

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5. It's a known fact that salad tastes better this time of year.

6. There's so much sunlight! That's exactly what you need to start drafting that novel.

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7. And you can be super social by hitting up brunch.

8. Since you're out of hibernation, it's the perfect time to get organized.

9. Wanna drink more water? Well, it certainly is the season for it.

10. Tempted to travel? That's what those hard-earned vacation days are for.

11. And if you've wanted to be nicer, it's not hard when everyone's in such a good mood.