9 Beer Cocktails You Should Probably Try This Summer

One of life’s toughest decisions is choosing between a beer or a cocktail. So why not have a beer AND a cocktail? Mix these sweet cocktails with some Coronas, take a pic of your concoction (and also drink it), and celebrate summer right.

1. CoronaRita

1 1/2oz., tequila
1oz. freshly squeezed lime juice
1/2oz. Cointreau or Triple Sec
1 7oz. Coronita
lime wedges
(optional) salt for the glass

Rim the serving glass with salt (if you’re into that kinda thing). Add ice. Pour the tequila, Cointreau/Triple Sec, and lime juice into the glass and mix ‘em. Then add a Coronita (upside down) to it. Toss a lime on there for garnish.

2. Black Velvet

Shutterstock / Via cocktails.wikia.com

1 part stout
1 part champagne/sparkling wine

All you need to do for this bad boy take a couple of champagne flutes and basically replicate the black and tan. Pour half a glass of champagne first and then pour the stout over a spoon. If done correctly, the champagne will float to the top.

3. Michelada

1/4 cup lime juice
1 1/2 cups Corona
2 teaspoons, Worcestershire sauce
2 teaspoons, hot sauce/Tabasco
1 teaspoon soy sauce
ground pepper for garnish
(optional) salt for the glasses

Pour the beer, Worchestershire sauce, hot sauce, soy sauce, and lime juice into a pitcher and stir. Add ice to glasses, pour, and serve. Easy.

4. Adult Root Beer

Shutterstock / Via cocktails.wikia.com

1oz. Galliano liqueur
1oz. Kahlúa
1 bottle of beer (your choice—though we’d prefer it if it were a Corona)

Fill a FROSTED beer mug and add the Galliano and Kahlúa, then fill the rest with beer. Go to town.

5. Brass Monkey

Curran Kelleher / Via Flickr: 10604632@N02

No no silly, not that kind, THIS kind:

Take a beer—again, we like Corona here—and pour it into the biggest glass you have. Then pour about a third of a glass of orange juice into that puppy and there you have it. Alternately, you can just drink two-thirds of a beer and then fill the rest of the bottle with orange juice.

6. Shandy

Shutterstock / Via epicurious.com

Scientific name: Shandygaff (it’s British)

1 beer
ginger ale or ginger beer

In a pint glass, pour equal parts beer, ginger ale, and lemonade. Mix. Serve and destroy.

7. Mexican Boilermaker

1 Corona
1 shot, tequila

Basically an Irish Car Bomb, south of the border style. Drop a shot of tequila into a glass of Corona and enjoy.

8. Summer Beer

Shutterstock / Via allrecipes.com

1 12oz. can, frozen lemonade concentrate
12oz. water
12oz. vodka
1 beer (you know the type)

Place the lemonade concentrate in a gallon pitcher, then measure 12 ounces of the water and vodka (you can even use the lemonade can to do it) and pour into the pitcher. Then add the beer and mix. Pour that sweet stuff over some ice and hit it.

9. El Ayudacal

Shutterstock / Via cosmopolitan.com

1 Corona
1 1/2oz. lime juice
1/2oz. agave nectar
lime zest
lime wedge for garnish

Pour agave nectar, lime juice, and lime zest into a glass. Add beer, mix it good, throw a lime wedge on there, and relaxxxxx.

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