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11 Things That Happen Once You Finally Have A Real Job

You did it! You've even got an official employment contract. Things are changing for the better, and you can even get your first ~real car~, the Toyota Corolla!

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1. Your very first payday is all...

Tyler Naugle / BuzzFeed

2. ...with plenty of this:

Tyler Naugle / BuzzFeed

3. Some mornings you leave feeling oh-so-official.

4. You eat fewer things from a microwaveable cup.

LUHUANFENG / Thinkstock

5. You have a solid answer to "So... what do you do for a living?"

6. Sometimes your furniture comes without some assembly required.

Elliott Cable (CC BY-SA http://2.0) / Via Flickr: elliottcable

7. You have very strong feelings about dealing with paperwork.

8. You can actually stash money away.

Faye Kahn / BuzzFeed

9. Your phone starts blowin' up with work emails when you're not at work.

nacoki / Via Getty Images

10. And if stuff goes wrong at your job, you actually — gulp! — care about it...

Faye Kahn / BuzzFeed

11. ...but hey, that's part of being a totally responsible adult.


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