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13 Signs You’re Ready For A Real Car

You're growing up so fast. You've learned how to save money. The proof is in the pudding, and you, my friend, are totally ready for a real car, like the Toyota Corolla!

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1. So you've finally landed a real-person job.


You've got insurance and maybe even a 401(k), perhaps.

2. You actually make your bed before leaving for work.


'Cause nothing feels nicer than coming home to a freshly made bed.

3. You stay in on Thirsty Thursdays and are PROUD of it. / Via


4. You cook dinner for yourself and can't remember the last time you microwaved mac 'n' cheese.


You even make enough for leftover lunch.

5. You do your taxes all by yourself.


Even though you're not EXACTLY sure if you're doing it right.

6. You've replaced all your college clothes with SFW cardigans.

7. You've finally grown out of FOMO and really can't be bothered if other people don't like you.

Tyler Naugle / BuzzFeed

8. You actually care about your fitness and make social plans AROUND your gym plans.


9. Sure, you still do laundry at your parents' home, but not EVERY time.


10. You pay your bills ON TIME!

11. You plan weekend road trips to go glamping.

12. And your roommates have transformed from human beings to furry companions.

13. You don't even mind paying to see your fave bands instead of attempting to sneak in.

Tara Parian / BuzzFeed

Perhaps your current whip doesn't quite line up with your mature, independent lifestyle. Now with the Toyota Corolla, you can ride around town with earned confidence without breaking the bank.

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