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14 Worst Things You Can Do When Asking Someone Out

Literally, the dirt worst.

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4. Forget how to speak completely.

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"Hi, uh... You. You are, um... And I was just... Uh. Oh. I seem to have forgotten how to — OH, THIS IS FUNNY ISN'T IT — speak. I'm sure we'll laugh about this one day."

"Dude, who are you?"

*jumps out window*

7. Sneak cakes (maybe with your face iced on) into their bedroom at night.

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"STOP SCREAMING! IT'S JUST A CAKE! I HAVE A CAKE! A CAKE WITH ME ON IT! *straightens hair* Say... Say, would you like to go on a da— Yes, I'll leave."

9. Enter a radio call-in under the guise of providing a sporting opinion, only to profess your love live on air.

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Mate, what did we literally just say? No radios. Forget it. Forget radios.

14. At the airport: "Hey, is this Customs? Yeah, just thought I'd warn you of some illegal cargo that's about to leave the country. It's my heart. Stolen, yeah. My heart is in that bag. That one. The blue one."