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20 Places You'd Rather Be Than In The Office

There's a whole world beyond those four walls.

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1. In a flowery field.

Disney / Via

2. Rocking it Ariel-style under the sea.

20th Century Fox / Via

3. Hanging out with Lana Del Rey.

4. Watching your favourite band.

RCA / Via

5. On your way to this place.

6. Strolling along this walkway.

7. Watching this unicorn do its thing.


8. Going over to Hello Kitty's place.

9. In front of the TV.

FOX / Via

10. Playing in the pink clouds with these guys.

Marvel-Productions / Via

11. At Hogwarts.

Warner Bros. / Via

12. At a party.

13. Getting drunk with friends.

14. Doing this in the snow.

15. Getting drunk alone.

CW / Via

16. Defeating Lord Voldemort.

Warner Bros. / Via

17. Mastering this.

Bård Ylvisåker / Via

18. Somewhere with pizza.

ABC / Via

19. But if you have to be in the office.

20. You may as well work it.

TLC / Via

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