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    • corinnekellyb

      it’s a biometric scan, so it saves no fingerprint evidence of you. there is no way to look anything up by “fingerprint”, all it does is take a picture of the size & shape of your finger that is linked to the ticket, so if that isn’t what matches on your way back in, then you’re out. it’s a way to prevent against ticket resales.  also a few other notes:
      *the kiss goodnight is not actually what they call the fireworks. the fireworks are actually called “wishes” and the kiss goodnight is played approximately an hour after the park closing (and sometimes more than once) while the park is clearing out to say goodnight to the guests leaving.
      *you can find frozen lemonades and slush drinks at the Cheshire Cafe by the Mad Tea Party as well as in the big top store in Storybook Circus.
      *#9 is totally legit. expect things to occasionally break down, because as with most machinery and technology, if something is repeating its functions thousands of times a day, it will occasionally need to be fixed. the best thing to do is stay calm and check out something else in the meantime if you can.