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Don't Sleep On January

It's the saddest month of the year. The Christmas season just ended, New Years only lasted one day, and now there is nothing to look forward to till summer. Right? WRONG. January is full of holidays you never even knew of - here's how to make the most out of this month.

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January 1st


Ok, so obviously this one is New Year's day. Sleep in till noon (or longer), watch some Netflix, and recuperate from the night before.

(This is also National Hangover Day and National Bloody Mary Day so do with that what you will)

January 2nd


Ever get sad on January 2nd because it feels the excitement is over? Not anymore! January 2nd is filled with national holidays including:

National Buffet Day,

National Cream Puff Day (maybe a dessert buffet with cream puffs)19 -

National Science Fiction Day! (Hey, sometimes books are even better buffet company than people)

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