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    • corid

      * Spelling out O-H-I-O with your arms anywhere you and 3 others are.
      * Yelling OH! in random public places and **ALWAYS** being met with -IO!
      * Defending Ohio sports teams in general, not just the Browns. Cincinnati’s got it pretty rough sometimes but dang they’re loyal!
      * Knowing how to spell places like Chillicothe, Cincinnati, Wapakoneta, Pataskala and Ashtabula.
      * Being obsessed with stickers, clothing and jewelry with the outline of the state of Ohio.

    • corid

      wwwwow. So re: the legitimacy of tipping vs. not tipping at ALL .. I honestly was unaware that there exist establishments that encourage patrons NOT to tip.. that’s strange to me, but I don’t eat out often so I suppose it’s possible. I was more saddened by the lack of common courtesy and unfiltered idiocracy on half of these. “I make more than you do; my time is worth more than yours.” and “PS - You could stand to lose a few pounds.” Are you serious? What have we become as HUMANS, let alone patrons? I had a restaurant job in high school and know the frustration of impatient, self-righteous and sometimes just unruly people. It’s hard! I agree, there ARE bad servers (agreed, Milo Shucavage), just like there are employees in every job who sometimes perform poorly or just have bad days.. but I salute those who are AT LEAST WORKING and not milking the system (unjustifiably so) on their a**es at home all day who then turn around and tip poorly. Be kind, tip your servers or go grocery shopping and make your own food. It’s probably healthier anyway.

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