Corgnelius & Stumphrey’s Christmas

Corgi and Stump Stump celebrate their first x-mas together!

1. After weeks of being dressed up…

2. Bowed up…

3. Lit up…

4. And reindeered up…

5. It’s finally Christmas, and the boys get to open their presents!

6. Corgi gets to go first since he’s older…

7. …then Stump Stump jumps in.

8. (Even with a pile of new toys, they just want what the other has.)

9. On to the next present.

10. It’s what they’ve always wanted… a russian nesting doll of boxes. BOX. HEAVEN.

11. And inside the smallest box is a gift card, so they can pick out their own toys at the pet store!

12. (Here they are fighting over who gets the biggest box.)

13. Finally, they get their last present. “OHMYGAWD, DAD!! A HORSE!! IT’S A HORSE!!!!”

14. “Do i look like a rugged cowboy?!”

15. Corgi gets jealous so we tell him he looks very rugged, too.

16. Now it’s time to end the day by putting the horse down. RIP horsie.

17. Merry x-mas, everyone!!

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