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Important Things Retail Employees Learn While Working

Some hints and facts individuals learn while working Retail positions.

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1. Learn how to work with others.

Retail is a mixture of individual duties as well as a groups. You have to learn how to work with others in order to make sure the store is at a level of perfection in your managers eyes.

3. Learning how to work faster!

You will hustle to find the right size, hustle to give the best suggestions to needy customers and hustle to clean the store in time to get home after the store closes. Also in some cases, you will hustle when you might be late to work as well.

4. Meeting your scheduled Time

When you are scheduled to come in for the closing shift, and your coworker has to wait for you to arrive so he or she can leave. That time-clock will keep you on your toes when it comes to being on time and meeting deadlines.

5. Stay Calm & Keep Working

Customers are probably the most frustrating part of retail. They will say whatever they want and you have to take it, and come back with a smile. In life, friends, bosses and plenty of strangers will bombard you with opinions.

6. Being Patient

There will always be times, when someone will wait until they get to the register to get out their discounts, or receipts, and then look through their wallet or purse for five minutes. Eventually they realize they do not have it or that it expired. This grows patience over time and is an amazing trait to have.

7. Learning how to be a Neat-Freak

The first thing customers notice when they step foot into the store is how neat, tidy and appealing it all looks. The constant need to straighten and reorganize teaches us to have cleanliness expectations even in our own home and work space.

8. Schedule adjusting

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Retail jobs, usually have constant change in scheduling due to a high number of employees. Once you find that spot of being able to juggle your schedule and some sort of social life, those skills will carry you through even the worst scheduling issues.

9. Corporation Ladder

Its very hard for individuals to move up to higher retail positions. If you start out as a regular associate there is probably someone already waiting for the next position that has been with the company longer. All corporate positions are most likely being filled with people who actually have college degrees.

10. Understanding The importance of Selling

The number-one thing in retail is sales. In some companies, you have to be able to hit a quota, which means you have to be able to know your stuff while not seeming to pushy to the customer.

11. Trying to do more for the customer!!

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Customers expect retail employees to jump through hoops to meet their needs. Life also requires us all to do more than we are expected or asked to at times, and with a smile on our faces.

12. Learn how to multi-task!!!

Sometimes there will be a shift where you are short staff, and customers are flowing into the store. You are not only trying to fold down the store to make it look presentable, but also greet three different customers at once. In retail, you manage to do it all. With life, sometimes it is required for you to do it all and do it well.

13. You find your style.

You are constantly around clothes, seeing what people buy, as well as seeing what is being put on the manikin. After awhile you pick up on certain looks, that you like, which might help you present yourself in different ways to your friends and family.

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