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HealthCare.Gov's Twitter Feed Is Interesting…..very Interesting

@HealthCareGov is blowing up everyone's twitter feed with ads for the government's new health care policies they are sad, strange, funny and downright weird….and of course some of the best reactions to them

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Overall uncomfortability

Yeah I just made up that word but hey it's on the internet now so it's real


But i think your mom would be happier if you watched your mouth!!

And Elise says it best

if you're going to waste my tax dollars at least get someone hotter to through that wife beater on

But then Erin's passion swayed me

She made me realize it was a trap… sneaky sneaky dog

6. Didn't we already do this?

I'll tell you one thing if someone gave me this for Valentines Day…. I'd get covered… their blood and guts after going nuclear on them for this…..that's not chocolate fool.


Because with their millions they really need government run health care….Also how much did these endorsements cost the taxpayers?

13. But this baby

he understands…..he knows how to do it so it can't be that hard….also who knew that adorable meme baby had a preexisting condition…can we all have a moment of silence for our favorite lil homie and wish him the best

in response to a tweet about help in other languages…..nothing says MERICA like blind intolerance

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