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  • Bobby Joe Ebola’s Music Video For The Great Recession

    Are you broke? Has “The Great Recession” hit you like someone threw a huge pile of dog poop in your face? Yeah, Oakland satiric folk rock band, Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits feels your pain. Watch their new video for their song, “Blues Turn Brown” below. To order their brand new album, “Trainwreck To Narnia”, visit Rooftop Comedy here:

  • Life Is Excellent Music Video Premiere

    Ladies and gentlemen, Bobby Joe Ebola is proud to present… “Life Is Excellent” — a pharmaceutical commercial gone wild! The video, a madcap romp juxtaposing all the beautiful highs and the terrible lows that real life (and not so real life) has to offer, was directed by comedian Alex Koll ( and produced by the team at Clean White Lines (, and was made possible by the generous donations of more than 100 fans when we launched a fundraiser for the production of the video in late 2011.


    An animated tale of dragon guts, mighty quests, murdered unicorns and sexual regret. ENTER, BONE DAGGER! DAGGER MADE OF BONE! Check out Bobby Joe Ebola’s new music video for their new song, “Bone Dagger”. NSFW!

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