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    Things I Want To Buy That I Saw On BuzzFeed And Facebook Ad Posts

    I hope to buy some of this stuff soon!

    Facial Cleansing Pad from Sephora 9$

    Coconut Oil Infused Headband by Studio Dry 9.95$

    Boom! Toothy Tabs by Lush 9.95$

    FinGears Magnetic Rings

    My Neighbor Totoro Pen Bag 12.05$

    Kiki's Delivery Service Crossbody Bag by Hot Topic 34.90$

    Tom Riddle's Diary from Harry Potter with Voldemort Wand 15.99$

    Portable Eyeglass Cleaning Kit 13.99$

    Latme Ice Roller 13.55$

    AquaNotes Waterproof Note Pad 22$

    A Christmas Story Poster by Ronlewhorn 25$