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This US Ambassador Said On Camera His Anti-Muslim Comments Were "Fake News" — Then Claimed He Didn't Say "Fake News"

"I didn't call that fake news — I didn't use the words today," Pete Hoekstra said, after using the words.

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Some far-right conservatives and many anti-Muslim activists push the false conspiracy theory that there are "no-go zone" urban enclaves throughout Europe where the government has no control, where non-Muslims are not allowed to enter, and where Sharia, or Islamic law, is imposed on residents.

So the news program ran a video clip of a 2015 which Hoekstra said just that:

@Nieuwsuur to new US ambassador: "You mentioned [..] that there are no go-zones in the Netherlands and that cars an…


BuzzFeed News has reached out to the State Department for comment. Meanwhile, here's the whole video:

Pete Hoekstra is vanaf januari de nieuwe Amerikaanse #ambassadeur in Nederland. Hij staat bekend om zijn conservati…


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