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The Most Barf-tastic Old Food Recipe Ads

Hungry? You won't be. Over on the lively forum, Vintage Ads, they're currently having a "Regrettable Food" ads contest. Here's some of their worst, plus a few additions.

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1. The Tuna & Blood Cabbage Alien Pod of 1957.

2. The Canned Sugar Pea Deviled Ham Frozen Brain Salad of 1955.

3. The 1954 Canned Burger Canned Unnamed Seven Green & Yellow Vegetables VEG-ALL Medley of IBS.

4. The Chicken Lemon Jello & Puke-Bits Spare Tire of 1953.

5. The "Magic Mushroom" "Empress of All Meat Loafs" (their words) Shit Sandwich of 1960-something.

6. The "Treet O'Brien" Pork Rotator Cuff Wartime Platter of Regret.

Kind of unfair, picking on a wartime ad.But then, we're not here to be fair.
Via Flickr: clotho98

Kind of unfair, picking on a wartime ad.

But then, we're not here to be fair.

7. The 1963 Del Monte® Meat Puke Bowl

8. THE 1947 Alien Bugs Oozing Yellow Pus Ring of Despair.

9. The 1955 Evil Eye of Sauron Soufflé from Monterey

10. The Humpty Dumpty Cock Ring Hot Dogs, Pineapple & Beet "No Argument" Salad of 1959.


More puke-worthy vintage recipe ads are being added to the contest.
Go to Vintage Ads to see them all.

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