When Copywriters Tried Harder

Before Photoshop turned every hack with a computer into an “art director,” Copy was King.

1. 1944.

This was just brilliant.

2. 1933.

Spud’s tagline through the 1930s.
“Mouth-Happying” was going on that weekend, alright.

3. 1950s — 1960s.

Lucky Strike’s long-standing standard copy line.

4. 1900.

The best 113-year-old visual pun ever.

5. 1966.

How do you try to get surfers to stop smoking, and therefore, everybody else (because everybody else did whatever the surfers did)?
You use terms like “Hodad” and “cut-buddy” and use the universal selling point of saving cash.
And, put a hot blonde in there.
Art by the late great Frank Frazetta.

6. 1908.

Scared the living shit out of clerks everywhere, I’m sure, and insured Kellogg’s would always be on store shelves. Smart.
The crunching sound the clerk’s head made was quite similar to the sound of eating corn flakes.

7. !951.

Post World War II, Marlboro did a whole series of these baby talk ads.
See them all here here

8. 1960s.

Sure the visuals are cool, but it’s the copy concept of making up band names and song titles as body copy that makes these ads groovy.

9. 1968.

This is, of course, still…

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