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When Art Directors Nail It (18 Ads)

The Art of Art Direction —it's a beautiful thing.

1. "Softens Even The Toughest" — Sta-Soft fabric softener ads. Ad agency: O&M South Africa. Art director Darryn Rogers.

2. Ad for Hut Weber, a German hat seller. Ad agency: Serviceplan. Art director: Jonathan Schupp.

3. Vibrating Ad for Yoba erotic toys. Ad agency: Australie, France. Art Director: Jean-Philippe Ridon.

4. German campaign for Wella hair coloring. Ad agency: Leo Burnett. Art Director: Daniela Ewald.

5. Fage partnered with several other advertisers to create one-of-a-kind interactive print ads.

6. "Ridiculously Thick Yogurt" — Ad agency: Ogilvy NYC. Art director: Arturo Gigante.

7. New Zealand Ad for American Psycho. Ad agency: Saatchi & Saatchi. Art Director Matthew Swinburne.

8. In-bar poster for Guinness. Ad agency: BBDO NYC. Art Director: Danilo Boer.

9. Ad for Campaign Against Drunk Driving (CADD). Ad agency: JWT London. Art Directors/Copywriters: Christiano Neves, Bruno Xavier.

10. IKEA ads via Turkey. Ad agency: TBWA Istanbul. Art Directors: Can Pehlivanli, Orkun Önal.

11. Israeli Vanish ad using pick-up sticks. Ad agency: EURO RSCG Tel Aviv. Art Director: Ale Feldman.

12. New Zealand campaign for TV show Man vs. Wild. Ad agency: DraftFCB Auckland. Art Director: Kelly Lovelock.

13. Two ads for for the Hopi Hari rollercoaster in São Paulo, Brazil — "Shows Who You Really Are"

14. Ad agency: Y&R. Art Directors: Thiago Vinhático, Fabio Miki, Kleber Campioni.

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