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What Would Captain Crunch Look Like In Real Life?

A serial killer, that's what. Take a look at equally scary, real-life Tony The Tiger and Trix. Happy Halloween.

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Peruvian graphic designer and illustrator Guillermo Fajardo describes his project:

"I’ve always wondered what if the characters from our favorite cereal boxes were actual real life moving and dramatic creatures…This project is based on a personal point of view, taking all my child memories and turning them into a new sarcastic and adult vision, remaking all the cereal gang."

Fajardo describes "Tony":

He is masculine, very competitive and addicted to body building...It's your all-time favorite fierce-costumed-latin-lover Tony. What a better choice than breakfast with a perverse self-obsessed animal!


"Our Hypochondriac friend is addicted to cereal and enemy of sunlight, but not underestimate him! his passion for skating makes him a competitor maniac and not always a fair rival."

See Count Chocula, and much more of Fajardo's work on Behance.

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