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    Welsh Corgi Getting A Bath Evaluates 8 Cat Food Ads

    As you can see, he's not in a forgiving mood, much like me 24/7. Image via.

    Via the country of Moldova, ad for Кошкин корм brand cat food.

    Riiiiight. Let's see this stupid cat take on a "boxer." I say stupid because you'll notice he has to put his name on his boxing shorts.

    Via Switzerland, for Exelcat cat food.

    Yeah, that'll be the first time she actually covered something in her pathetic poopy box.

    Via Canada, ad for Whiskas.

    BWA ha! Yeah, if you believe that one, I got a doghouse to sell ya in Brooklyn.

    Hobby Cat cat food ad, via Croatia.

    I count...24 fox dinners.

    Friskies TV spot via South Africa.

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    Oh yeah? Two words, for your olfactory consideration, feline fancier: CAT. PISS.

    Via Moscow, for kitekat cat food. Basic meaning is, feed your cat proper food, it will give you boundless love (like Jesus).

    Uh, Hello? DOG is GOD, spelled backwards.

    TV spot, Via New Zealand, for Purina One.

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    Brazilian ad for Pet Show "two-flavored" cat food.

    Brilliant! I Love it! Four paws up!
    OK, get my out of here, dry me off, dump a box of biscuits on the floor, and LEAVE.