Vodka Ad Sucks Up To “The 1%”

The Ultimat (terrible name) campaign, which inartistically panders to the uppercrust, launched last Fall. But their latest ad actually name-checks the $11+ millionaires.

Well, most ads are lies well disguised, but that headline is just a naked lie.

Polish hooch Ultimat costs about $40 A bottle, placing it in the “Ultra Luxury” category of vodkas. I’m sure you vodka connoisseurs could pick it in a “taste” test with speed rack swill.

More of the campaign below, with unkind commentary.

Ad scanned from the Economist by Matt Bors.

Richie Rich doesn’t get outside? Maybe he’ll get pinched for insider trading and get ass-fucked—in the yard—on Rikers Island.

Poor, poor partner is working on Christ’s birthday. Fourth line of copy missing from the ad: Lucky for you, New York Dolls is open for lunch!

And “Destiny” (at New York Dolls) calls you Mr. Hardwood.

But, you’ll win him over, scooter. Just keep a bottle, plus a bottle of mouthwash, in your desk drawer.

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