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The Violent Exploitation Of Women In Fashion Continues...

Last week's horrific ad via a Lebanon handbag designer was just the latest crime.

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The above appalling ad, via Lebanese luxury bags, belts, and accessories designer Johnny Farah, first appeared online last week.

But like pearls and a little black dress, violent imagery and women's fashion have gone together forever.

We've gathered a sampling of some disturbing ads and editorial shoots. Mind you, this post could have gone on for hundreds of images, but we had to stop somewhere.

Many of the photographers featured here have angrily lashed back at criticism, saying what they're doing is "art."

Ha, no that's wrong.

This is what they're doing: being abjectly lazy.

Fashion creative directors often scoff at ad agency people because they don't have the unfettered freedom fashion ad makers have.

And yet with so much "freedom," ad after ad, spread after spread, hinges on the same lame concept

It's just pathetic.