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    This Is—Maybe?—Not The Best Image For A Back To Nature Poster

    New UK ad campaign.

    From the press release:

    A billboard campaign backed by the NHS, and the National Trust launched this week (September 3rd 2012) is aiming to persuade one million children to buy-in to the brand of nature and to enjoy its benefits more often. The billboard campaign, the first of its kind, will cover the whole of the UK for two weeks, in hundreds of sites. The aim of the billboards is simple: to get people to spend more time outdoors. The poster depicts a young girl, Ivy Bond, licking a frog...

    I guess it's not a psychoactive toad, though, as we learned from Beavis (video below), licking doesn't work.

    Ivy Bond, this poster may come back to haunt you as a teenager.

    image via: reddit.

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