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The Funnest KitKat Ads From Around The World

The brand owns "Have A Break."

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1. "Confectionery Perfectionery" — KitKat mocks Apple's presentation videos.

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Yesterday, the world learned that the name of the next Android operating system will be "KitKat," and that 50 million specially-branded KitKat bars will be made available in 19 countries.

It was reportedly a no-cash deal, meaning neither Google nor Nestlé paid the other a cent for this odd co-branding stunt/contest.

The stunt — which includes an in-package contest where 150,000 of the candy bars will contain a code good for a $5 credit of Google Play — makes perfect sense for KitKat. Not so much for Google, that I can see.

Tally another win for Nestlé.

Continue on for more smart ad and promotion moves by KitKat and their worldwide ad agency JWT, all consistently delivering the same strategic message— Have A Break.


13. Their commercials/videos have been good, too. Here, a beatboxing Hippo.

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14. "Silence Your Hunger"

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I like this little guy representing hunger. It's too bad he had to be crushed.

Ad agency: JWT Dubai.

15. "Have A Breakism"

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Anything that mocks snooty art farts is fine by me.

Ad agency: JWT Amsterdam.

16. "Newton's Cradle"

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Cute spot.

Ad agency: JWT London.