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    The Weird Wonderful World Of Russian Communist Advertising Posters

    13 early 20th century posters.

    1. Ad is for Soap. Generic Communist soap.

    2. These crawfish are enjoying some Bolshevik candy.

    3. Very distrubing poster for cosmetic powder.

    4. Ad for...pacifiers. The Bolshevik Party's first slogan was: "Peace, bread, and land." Another more obscure slogan was: "A Pacifier In Every Baby's Mouth!"

    5. I love my generic rubber shoes of the State.

    6. All the non-branded juice you can drink, little Vlad.

    7. The headline translates to: "Smoke Cigarettes"

    8. A quite famous poster for generic cigarettes, complete with a government health warning

    9. Comrade lady pilot keeps her teeth pearly white with Socialist toothpaste.

    10. Revoltionary ice cream made by worker-seals.

    11. Communist hot dogs.

    12. Pre-Communism poster for beer. This was the standard beer bottle of Russia.

    13. "I stood in line for three hours for this chocolate, and I will break skulls to keep it."


    At this post on Dark Roasted Blend.

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