20 rip-roaring ads.

1. 3 ads for Gas-Aid outta India, all with the same copy: “Your Gas Entertains No One”

2. Via Mexico, an ad for Luftal anti-gas pills. Lucky Pathologists can just let them rip.

3. Via Bangkok. The Energy efficiency of Lamptan lamps is demostrated with farts.

4. Via India, the prettiest fart ad ever created for Eno anti-gas pills.

5. Via Italy, an ad for the Lucca Comics Museum.

6. Smart ambient ad for Science World in Vancouver.

Here’s more of Science World’s brilliant ads.

7. Via Hong Kong, ad fro Eno anti-gas.

8. Farting tuna sells John West Tuna and Beans in Australia.

9. Farting pelican sells spicy sardines in Peru.

10. Prius ad via Israel shows that sheep farts are worse for the environment than a Prius.

11. Sprite billboard in Trinidad.

12. Via Brazil, an ad for Dimezin, an anti-gas drug. See, Muslim man’s farts are so bad, Muslim woman breaks tradition and walks in front of him.

13. The famous Marilyn Monroe shot from Seven Year Itch has been riffed on three times for fart-vertising. Left — For Vancouver’s Science World. Right — for Antifom anti-gas pills via Venezuela, and…

14. …way back in 1998, for Actal anti-gas via Singapore, when the actual movie image was used and abused.

15. Two funny ads via China for the TianTian brand of handheld air freshener.

16. Ad for Madaus anti-fart syrup via Germany.

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