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The Strange Violent World Of Russian PSAs

Some disturbing images ahead.

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1. Second-hand smoke.


Translation: "Smoking in child’s presence is a much bigger torture for him. You don't care?"

This much-discussed billboard was up in several locations in Moscow in 2010.

At the time, a spokesperson from the ad agency said: "Any normal person will be disgusted with what the picture shows. But if thousands of children have a chance to stop inhaling tobacco smoke every day, we believe we could sacrifice our visual comfort for that."


5. Anti-Abortion.


Anti-abortion ads via the Russian government, from 2010.

Translations: "I will make you happy. If I'm born." "I will help you. If I'm born."

The campaign only featured girl babies, for some reason.

Note the Abortion-Busters logo.


11. "Hell Squirrel" (anti-alcoholism).

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Meet the much beloved Russian "Hell Squirrel."

He is suffering from acute alcoholic psychosis.

He rants about invisible spiders, killing a woman, and he and sings 'Volga.'

Check out his nice Curly impersonation there towards the end.

The commercial is via the Russian Health Ministry.

The last words from Hell Squirrel's mouth: "If you're drinking, I'm coming for you."