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The Strange Violent World Of Russian PSAs

Some disturbing images ahead.

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1. Second-hand smoke.


Translation: "Smoking in child’s presence is a much bigger torture for him. You don't care?"

This much-discussed billboard was up in several locations in Moscow in 2010.

At the time, a spokesperson from the ad agency said: "Any normal person will be disgusted with what the picture shows. But if thousands of children have a chance to stop inhaling tobacco smoke every day, we believe we could sacrifice our visual comfort for that."


5. Anti-Abortion.


Anti-abortion ads via the Russian government, from 2010.

Translations: "I will make you happy. If I'm born." "I will help you. If I'm born."

The campaign only featured girl babies, for some reason.

Note the Abortion-Busters logo.

7. Anti-Alcohol.


Specifically, anti-beer ads from 2011 that are basically telling men and women that excessive beer consumption will make their bodies change to be more feminine and masculine, respectively.

The male ad is riffing off of the famous pregnant Demi Moore Vanity Fair cover.

8. Anti-Smoking (masturbating cigarette).


Translation: "Put off your end" or "put off your dying day."

But this expression can also mean "Pull on your dick." Hence, the masturbation picture.

11. "Hell Squirrel" (anti-alcoholism).

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Meet the much beloved Russian "Hell Squirrel."

He is suffering from acute alcoholic psychosis.

He rants about invisible spiders, killing a woman, and he and sings 'Volga.'

Check out his nice Curly impersonation there towards the end.

The commercial is via the Russian Health Ministry.

The last words from Hell Squirrel's mouth: "If you're drinking, I'm coming for you."

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