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    The Strange, Sexy, Furry Orangina Ads

    The latest version of the soft drink's long-running campaign continues the anthropomorphic animal love.

    1. Sexy, Jiggly...Jellyfish.

    2. The new ads, sadly, feature less provocative furry images, tagged "Stay Alive."

    3. The posters are still plenty weird, though.

    4. TV spot from the new "Stay Alive" campaign.

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    5. But the ads from a few years ago — which were placed all over Paris — were truly deviant.

    6. Stacked Giraffe in lingerie.

    7. Six-Pack Abs Bear.

    8. Sit on Papa Bear's lap — don't worry, I'm wearing a fig leaf.

    9. A lovely, leggy cactus in sheer thigh-highs.

    10. Busty Cowgirl Horsey.

    11. Blue-eyed Zebra ready for a day on the Côte d'Azur.

    12. Dolphin Surfer Girl.

    13. Black Panther Babe in a leather vest — for blood orange Orangina.

    14. Doe-eyed vixen.

    15. Bosomy...Penguin.

    16. TV ad from last year for "Miss O" diet Orangina.

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    17. The first TV ad from the Furry campaign — it caused the Brits to lose their wits.

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