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    The Standard Hotel's Latest Ad "Trivializes Violence Against Women"

    Is it art? Or is it just a woman crushed by a suitcase?

    The Standard chain is owned by hotelier to the stars, André Balazs.

    And, you can tell it's a "cool" place to stay by the upside-down logo.

    The image in the ad is one of Austrian artist Erwin Wurm's "One Minute Sculptures."

    Previous ads from this Standard campaign included a woman peeing on a rug. All of the ad images are from Wurm's "One Minute Sculptures" series.

    Some bloggers are not happy with the latest ad.

    Rosie at Make Me A Sammich says the ad "trivializes violence against women" and uses "victims of said violence as bait. (It) teaches everyone regardless of gender that violence against women is No Big Deal. These messages in our media teach women to expect violence and teach men prone to violence against women that what they do is socially acceptable."

    Daisy Egan says "it seems obvious that they don't want the business of women. Right?"

    So: is it art? Or something much worse?

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