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The Sexy Smoking Battle For Luscious Lady Lips

If it's Monday, Don Draper has a hash hangover, and it's time for Mad Men Sexist Ads of the Week.

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In 1968, at almost the exact moment Don Draper grabbed a nipple and smoked hash for the first time during last night's trippy Mad Men episode, Philip Morris introduced Virginia Slims, the first cigarette in history made for women.

Chicago ad agency Leo Burnett produced the first ads, which featured a women's lib strategy and the now classic tagline. The copy was pretty humorous, and quite revolutionary for the time.

2. TV spot from 1969.

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But then in 1970, the Liggett Group, a much smaller tobacco company, took on Virginia Slims with the Eve brand, "the first truly feminine cigarette." Liggett's strategy was purposely not at all an empowering one. It was all about "Pretty."

Both brands were big successes, and are both still sold today.

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