The Best Condom Ads Of The Last Decade

I’ve seen—practically—every prophylactic ad in the last ten years. Note: these are condom brand ads, not generic safe sex ads.

1. The best climax-delay condom ad ever.

From 2010. Look at those patient Spermatozoa hanging in the testes, waiting for their man and his numbed knob to reach the eventual point of no return. There’re chess-playing sperms, guitar-playing sperms, solitaire-playing sperms, sperms resting in hammocks, etc. It’s a sperm sit-in! So cute. Ad agency: Age Comunicações, São Paulo.

2. The most insane XL comdom ad ever.

From 2010. Look at this illustration for Adam brand large condoms (a product of Indian pharmaceutical company Morepen Laboratories Limited). The long-distance, underwater copulating is funny. But also notice: The frog wearing one sneak looking for his micro-penis with a magnifying glass! Here’s the 2nd ad from the crazy campaign. Ad agency: Publicis India.

3. Good practical condom ad #1.

From 2009. The hideous circular layout works perfectly here for Cupid brand condoms. Ad agency: Publicis, Mumbai.

4. Good Practical condom print ad #2.

From 2010. Happiness is other people’s children. Here, the Tulipan brand eschews the specious better sex sell, and memorably delivers the practical anti-life message that we’re not allowed to mention (shh) here in the great US of A. Nice photography. Ad agency: Y&R, Buenos Aires.

5. The best ambient condom ad ever.

From 2007. On rainy days, gay and straight couples walked the streets inside these cozy, extra-protect-y umbrellas handing out Jontex condoms. Simple, cheap, memorable, and effective. Bravo.

6. The best condom brand video ever.

From 2008. Fun and funny boinking balloon bunnies ad for Durex. Because sex is a lot of fun, right? And bunnies boink a lot, right? Ad agency: Fitzgerald & Co., Atlanta.

7. The best condom commercial ever.

The spot deservedly won a Gold Lion at Cannes in 2009. It’s for Sagami .002, the world’s thinnest condom. As the two lovers (the man from Fukuoka, and the woman from Tokyo) run to meet each other, the distance between them is documented on-screen, in millimeters. Thus, the product benefit is permanently planted in your brain. Brilliant. Ad agency: GT, Tokyo.

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