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The Only 9/11 Ad To Ever Get It Right

It was released at sunrise on 9/12 by the New York City Ballet.

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It's not an ad in the traditional sense, but it is an ad, make no mistake— but you can call it "branded content," if it makes you feel better.

And granted, it's a lot easier to be classier with a ballet 9/11 ad than say, a 9/11 ad for smartphones.

But, as a New Yorker, this video hit me hard. It is beautiful. It is moving. It is New York.

"New Beginnings" features NYCB principal dancers Maria Kowroski and Ask la Cour performing on the 57th-floor terrace of Four World Trade Center in lower Manhattan, according to Adweek.

CORRECTION: The choreography is part of Christopher Wheeldon's "After the Rain" pas de deux — signifying new beginnings in New York City. The music is "Spiegel Im Spiegel" by Arvo Part.

The video was posted at sunrise on 9/12/13.

That is the new One World Trade Center glowing in the background.

"Our hope is that 9/12 can now be rebranded as a day of optimism and new beginnings," says Matt Eastwood, chief creative officer of DDB NYC, the NYCB's ad agency.

I like that thought, a lot.