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The Hardest Rockin' Chili Dog Commercial Ever

Featuring an original 30-second song by 1980s Hair Metal band, Cinderella.

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Holy hairspray, this is awesome.

In 1983, before the Pennsylvania glam rockers made it big, they recorded this TV spot (which aired on MTV and ESPN, locally) for Philadelphia's Pat's Dogs. And they did it for free.

The top comment on the YouTube video is by a Richard Haynie, who says he was on the shoot. Haynie explains:

"I actually did the shoot with my co-worker, Brian. It was a local (Philly) cable tv ad...This was also before they broke big. Cinderella did it for free as a favor to the owner of Pat's, an old friend. We shot the whole thing in about 3 hours one evening. It took about an hour to get the band out of the bathroom ("makeup"), but was smooth sailing after that."
He adds: "One of the members was a vegetarian, so his bun was empty when he took a bite at the end. Hard to see..."

That's legendary.

Much thanks to @ Loggerheads for posting this gem.

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