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The Grossest Ad I Have Ever Seen

For OXY face wash. You have been warned.

View this video on YouTube

The video, by Melbourne's Naked Communications, was created to target boys 13-18 years-old.

The serious carnage starts at about the :25 mark.

Via the agency press note:

The campaign has carefully curated a number of YouTube clips and assembled them together. The clips, many very popular on YouTube in their own right, all demonstrate how bad men's pimples can get if they remain untreated. Although shocking (or indeed unwatchable) to many, Naked predicts the target market will find it fun to watch and pass on."

Yeah. Fun.

If you are, in fact, a 13-18 year-old boy, please tell this geezer if this video makes you want to buy OXY face wash. I really want to know.