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The Most Brutal Domestic Violence Awareness Ads

Big-time trigger warning — disturbing images. Six TV spots and six print ads.

1. Via Lebanon.

2. Via The U.K.

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Chilling interactive video ad via the London Metropolitan Police.

"Nearly 1 in 5 murders in London are the result of domestic violence."

And you're sitting there in the next flat maybe witnessing one.

The campaign was tagged simply, "You make the call. We'll make it stop."

3. Via the United Arab Emirates.

4. Via France.

5. Via Germany.

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Beautifully shot ad that plays off the "Oh, I just feel down the stairs" response used by women too frightened to report the violence. The ad agency got two stunt women to perform some of the falls.

6. Via Singapore.

7. Via France.

A most disturbing PSA that makes you cringe.

The sign-off line translates: "Domestic violence: To remain silent is to participate."

8. Via the U.K.

9. Via The U.K. (starring Keira Knightley).

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WARNING: very violent.

This spot was directed by Atonement director Joe Wright.

You can't yell "cut" here.

Nice use of a famous actor.

10. Via Germany.

11. Via Serbia.

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The overused photo-a-day meme gets used to a very powerful effect here.

The video is titled “One photo a day in the worst year of my life.”

The sign at the end reads:

“Help me, I do not know if I can wait for tomorrow.”

Point made, and well.

12. The United States (the most powerful domestic violence ad ever produced).

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Not much else to say.

NOTE: The video is improperly named: Coalition Against Battered Women.

It should read "for."