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The Hitler Brand Is Huge In India Right Now

Mein Kampf is a best seller. Hero Hitler in Love is a popular Punjabi comedy. And he's a ubiquitous linchpin in their ads.

Within the last two weeks, both Businessweek and The Daily Beast have featured stories on the power of the Hitler brand in India.

Indians buy Mein Kampf by the thousands every month, and it is a must-read for business school students.

The two articles presented a few theories on why Hitler is big in India. One being that the country has never had a strong charismatic leader. Another being that Hitler's weakening of Great Britain in World War II led to them voluntarily leaving India.

One thing is for sure: No other country in the world uses Hitler as a creative ad linchpin more than India.


2011 ad for Onida anti-reflective LED TVs.


2012 ad for the Dinodia Photo Library.

According to the Businessweek article, Indians are prone to hero worship, and many business students view Hitler as "charismatic man things done."


2006 ad for Cancer Patients Aid Association.

See? Hitler wasn't that bad.


2011 ad for Casper mosquito repellent.

Malaria has also killed way more people than Hitler did.


And here is Der Führer selling fabric softener in a 2011 ad.


Well, here Hitler is definitely used negatively.

Ad against female foeticide, which is a major social tragedy in India.


2009 ad for HP's 8GB flash drive.

"8 GB of political speeches."


Multi-award-winning ad from 2008 for Luxor highlighters.

Only the important points about Hitler's life are highlighted in this passage.


Look at that gorgeous devil! This 2011 ad for Audiobook India won a Siver Lion at Cannes. That's a bookmark sticking out of his mouth. It looks like he's eating a lizard.