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The Great Ads Of "The Worst Hotel In The World"

Amsterdam's Hans Brinker Budget Hotel's long-running advertising campaign is really disgusting and really funny.

1. Lobby sign.

"The Worst Hotel In The World"

Hans Brinker openly bills itself as "The Worst Hotel In The World."

That's probably not true. (I've only walked by the place, never stayed there.) And, it's probably not as disgusting as these ads portray it.

But, it is the cheapest hotel in Amsterdam.

And this self-mocking strategy is quite devious, when you consider that they're main target is poor college kids who are a bit less discerning than other tourists.

For over ten years now, Hans Brinker's ad agency has been Amsterdam's Kessels Kramer. And KK has produced consistently funny award-winning work for the dump.

NOTE: at night, their sign reads HELL, on purpose, instead of HOTEL.

Take a look at the ads, print first, followed by commercials.

2. Lobby signage.






8. An appeal to aesthetes.


10. "Improve your immune system" video ad.

11. "Eco-Tour" of the hotel.

12. "It can't get any worse, but we'll do out best."

13. "Budget Sponsor" of the European Football Championship.

14. PUKE-vertising.

15. In 2011, they crowdsourced advertising, promising "10 euros" for anybody who created a video for them that got at least 1,000 views.

View this video on YouTube

16. They have "wake-up calls"

17. The custom "wake-up call"

18. They have a "visitors book"

View this video on YouTube

19. They have a "bridal suite"

20. Hilarious claymation spot.

21. Here's their lastest commercial, just released last week.