The Funniest (Yes, Funniest) Funeral Home Ads Ever Created

Via Australia.


Just Cremations started this amazing campaign late last year, with this naked old man on a log ad.

Well, now they’ve got a whole slew of crazy-ass ads out there, including the above warm, loving layout.

What do funeral home billboards usually look like? Like this depressing crap.

The headline “No fuss…” is perfect. Normally, I’d poo-poo the misused ellipsis at the end of a line, but with this campaign, it somehow works.

And, what else is there to say about death that hasn’t already been said?

Nice logo, too.

More ads below.
Campaign via tips.

2. That’s right, have a slug.

3. Slugs for everybody.

4. Share that meat pie.

5. What a good nearly- dead guy! (Where’d the bird come from? And that’s a different dog.)

6. The funeral home has placed their ads on buses and billboards in Western Australia.


8. Look at the place! Have you ever seen banners anywhere within shouting distance of a funeral home?

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