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    Mar 10, 2013

    The Five Most Powerful Seat Belt PSAs Ever Made

    Warning: graphic content. If after watching these, you still don't always wear your belt, you're a f#©king idiot.


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    "Embrace Life," created for Sussex Safer Roads in the UK, was YouTube's Ad of the Year winner in 2010. Created by: Alexander Commercials.


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    "Heaven Can Wait," from 2002.

    The idea was so good, it was reproduced (with permission) with slightly different scenarios by other agencies in a few other countries.

    Ad agency: Duval Guillaume, Belgium.


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    And, the funniest seat belt PSA ever.

    Hilarious, and quite effective, I think.

    For Drive Alive, via the UK.


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    Also via the UK.

    Good song choice.


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    I purposely ignored all the "You Can Learn A Lot From A Dummy" American spots because none of them are as good as these.
    But, if you know of another seat belt ad that deserves to be added to this list, please respond in the comments.

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