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Bold, New Breast Cancer Awareness Ad

It's the first ever UK TV commercial to feature full naked breasts.

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The ad, commissioned by the Scottish Government, stars actress Elaine C. Smith, who lost her own mother to breast cancer.

It features images of breasts exhibiting some of the early stages of the disease.The images were created using a mixture of real breasts and retouching in order to depict accurate portrayals of possible signs of the disease.

The agency worked with the chief health officer of Scotland and cancer specialists to ensure their accuracy. The project was spurred by research showing that many women do not regularly check their breasts and wanted to know what to look out for when they did.

It will be running on major networks. Unfortunately, it's only running after 9pm.
But, at least it's running. We're probably years away from this happening in America.

Ad agency: The Leith Agency.