The 20 Funniest Banned Commercials

Unlike every other one of these lists you’ve seen, this one only features real ads that were banned.

1. Ihr Optiker (German optician)

“Need glasses?”
Via Germany. Banned in 2006.

2. Créme D’or

Via Switzerland. Banned in 2004.
Simulating a BJ pretty much guarantees a banning.

3. Bunker Satis-Fashion footwear

Via Spain. Banned in 2006.
Likewise, simulating masturbation will get your spot ejected.

4. Durex (for a hundred million reasons)

Via The UK. Banned in 2000.

5. Hansaplast condoms

Via France. Banned in 2004.

6. Yellow Pages (shark)

Via The Netherlands. Banned in 1999.

7. Yellow Pages (haircut)

Via The UK. Banned in 2004.

8. Slim Milk

Via Thailand. Banned in 2010.

9. Toyota

This RAV4 War of the Roses spot via New Zealand was banned in 2006 because it was deemed “offensive and malicious,” and “would encourage similar behavior.”

10. Hyundai Veloster.

Via The Netherlands. Banned in 2011.
Pretty obvious why this spot was banned.

11. Companhia Athletica

Via Brazil. Banned in 2006.

12. Toohey’s beer

Via Australia. Banned in 2007.

13. Hyundai

Via France. Banned in 2006.
Quite surprised the liberal French banned this.
The banning of gay-themed ads has been very arbitrary, worldwide.

14. Espressen (newspaper)

Via Sweden. Banned in 1994.

15. Deutsche Postbank

Via Germany. Banned in 2005.

16. Heineken

Via The UK. Banned in 2006 by England’s stuffy ASA.
Remember when Heineken did funny ads that didn’t insult your fucking intelligence?
(I’m looking at you, stupid, sexist “walk-in” fridge spot)

17. Birra Moretti Zero

Via Spain. Banned in 2006.

18. BC Lions football

Via Canada. Banned in 2005.

19. Soesman language training

Via The Netherlands. Banned in 2001.

20. Vim cleaning cream (my favorite ever banned ad).

Via Canada.
Spot won a Gold Lion at Cannes in 2005.
Banned the same year.

It’s a fucking brilliant commercial.

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