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    Posted on Aug 9, 2013

    Meet The Coolest Talking Tiger Advertising Has Ever Seen

    He's four inches tall, and he's Polish.


    Not-so-grrrrreat Tony The Tiger just got displaced in the Ad Hall of Fame.

    One can only wish that the copywriting was a little better on these new commercials for Tiger Energy Drink, via Poland. Maybe it's funnier/crisper in Polish (please let me know if that is so, Polish readers).

    The animation on that Tiger, however, is perfection. The Polish office DDB actually came here to New York City to produce "Tiger" at animation specialists Platige Images.

    Said Julian Cade, managing director of Platige:

    "We needed to create a tiger that was the perfect mixture of animal and human, to symbolize the animalistic part of human nature, with all its urges, energy and spontaneity. While the tiger is shown in its typical animal appearance, it is not a humanized animal. It is just an animal. On the other hand, the human voice is the symbol of the logic behind all the tiger's words, helping the youth to think clearly and energize themselves."

    Whatever. He's fucking cool and adorable, simultaneously — no small feat.

    Two more spots below.

    Thanks to Gabriel Beltrone at Adfreak for pointing me to the background information on the Tiger.


    3. The weak spot of the three — the cliched scenario is right out of a lame Axe ad.

    4. Look how cool he is.

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