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    Posted on Oct 6, 2013

    The Best Of New York City Street Art

    A gallery from the last six months.

    1. By German artist Case, in Bushwick.

    2. Two by Legheadloves, in Soho.

    3. By Austrian street artist Nychos, in Williamsburg.

    4. By Bumblebee, in Brooklyn.

    5. Two by WhisBe.

    6. Security Gates make for perfect street canvases. See more of these here.

    7. Piece by Italian artist MR. BLOB, in Long Island City, Queens.

    8. By StudioKCA, "Head in the Clouds Pavilion" is made of 53,780 recycled plastic bottles — the number thrown away in New York City in one hour.


    On Governors Island.

    9. Lädy Millard has been painting and tagging trash around NYC. Here, on Wooster Street.

    10. By French graffiti artist Monsieur Plume in Long Island City, Queens.

    11. By Aakash Nihalani, at a Brooklyn subway station. More of Nihalani's work here.

    12. By Mark Samsonovich, on Rivington Street.

    13. Lastly, two great works by DALeast in DUMBO, Brooklyn.

    14. Barb Wire Cobra.

    15. SOURCE LOVE:

    My three favorite NYC websites, all are updated daily.

    The Dusty Rebel.

    ANIMAL New York.

    New York Shitty.

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