The Best Fake Ads Of The Year

The biggest fake ad awards show in the world — UK’s Chip Shop Awards — announced their finalists. Here’s the best of the bunch.

1. ALDI is a chain of discount supermarkets.

2. Probably too honest.

3. Dulux Paints

4. Daz detergent — another “50 Shades” riffing ad.

5. Would be a damn effective PSA.

6. Boots is the UK’s most popular chemist.

7. Oxfam secondhand clothing shops.

8. Bentley is the official fuck you car of the world.

9. Dettol disinfectant.

10. Television X is a series of Adult TV channels in the UK.

11. Findus packaged fish. Playing off the horsemeat scandal in the UK.

12. A Hot Wheels update to a famous classic VW ad.

13. Simple smart PSA.


15. Garnier ultra lift. Would be a nice magazine insertion.

16. SNAP, BURN, etc.

17. Hilarious. Tena is a leading seller of incontinence products.


And here’s the 21 most offensive fake ads entered in the contest.

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