The Best Beer Advertising In The World

Right now, it’s the “No Bollocks” campaign by Newcastle Brown Ale. It is branding genius.


About a year-and-a-half ago, New York City ad agency Droga5 won the Newcastle Brown Ale account.

And since then, one of the best campaigns in beer advertising history has been rolled out across all media.

The “No Bollocks” tagline is perfect: It gives you a taste of the beer’s blue collar British heritage without cramming it down your throat, and it serves as a challenger brand positioning against pretty much every other beer in the world.

It’s especially brilliant when placed side-by-side with the bad, base beer advertising of America’s big spenders Budweiser, Coors, and Miller.

Enough of this bollocks, on to the advertising.
First, the TV spots.

2. “Miners”

A positively brilliant TV commercial.

3. “Big Machines”

These :15 spots using still photos cost almost nothing to produce.
But their impact is big and memorable.

4. “No Sound”



6. “Ocean”

Offensive? Somewhat. That’s life.

7. “Believe”

8. In-bar signage.

9. On their YouTube page.

10. They have fun with social media, too.

11. Print ad via Quebec (not by Droga5, but in the same spirit).

Rough translation:
“Since our beer won two medals in 1927, we haven’t done that much.”

12. Mocking Williamsburg might be shooting fish in a barrel, but those are fish that need to be shot.

Competitive ads.

The best work of the campaign is when Newcastle takes on other brands head-to head, hitting them over the head with their own cliched creative linchpins.


Budweiser spent three years developing their “bow tie” can.
When they introduced it with much fanfare in April, Newcastle had a response ready on their Facebook page.

14. Billboard slyly mocks American beer brands and their obsession with their can designs (bow-tie, easy-pour, etc).

15. Via New York City, this is, simply, the best on-site mocking of another ad in branding history.

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