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    Posted on Jun 14, 2013

    The 6 Worst Local Business Ads Of The Month

    You've seen the 10 best local business ads of the month. These are not those.

    1. Nice job, Adolf Jewelers of Richmond, VA. You've managed to insult men and women equally with your stupid billboard.

    2. Via Surrey, UK. When picking a name for your buisness, make sure it isn't the word "EJACULATED" without the vowels. On their website, it says "all directors are hands on."

    3. Ben in a kippah! In Jerusalem.

    4. Oh Captain, the combo of your tagline and "MIND THAT CHILD" warning creeps me the fuck out.

    5. Congratulations. You're the 10,000th car wash in the world to use that slogan.

    6. A Detroit lawyer with a full head of year. TAKE MY MONEY, JUST TAKE IT.

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